Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow- Charles Collins

The colorful leaves had fallen everywhere in the yard at Charles Collins house.
As playful children of ten we loved sliding down the hills so slick in this mystical display from the trees.
The first time I met Charles I thought the angels had dropped him from heaven for to me his was so handsome my words got stuck in my mouth.
How could I know that we would be friends and classmates for generations and more
When God created Charles, He not only gave him the looks of a star but a quiet gentle soul everyone admired so.
I don’t know why God allows some of His creations to suffer year after year while facing death face to face.
I only know that Charles Collins was not just a man but a fighter of a disease that had no cure; He was a champion and hero.
Though his body was consumed with pain his quiet spirit could still captivate one from the beginning until the end.

So Charles you can now rest for you have finished your race down here.
You can meet Jesus face to face and spend time with Moses, Daniel, Peter and Paul.
Your feet can walk on the streets of gold and rejoice just knowing heaven is free of fears and tears.
We miss you even now but until we meet again in heaven just know you were loved when you didn’t even know it.

As a child you were just my hero.
As a student you were loved by us all.
As an author you are my inspiration to keep running this race here below.
As a friend I have to thank you for you always had a word of encouragement despite the situation.
So until I see you again rest and enjoy the wonders of heaven Jesus offers to those who belong to Him.

We will miss you but we celebrate the fact you are once again whole and free from any pain.
Heaven is filled with mansions each one meticulously made in heaven’s realm.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow, Charles Collins I am blessed to have you as a friend.
Mansions will glisten on the hills of glory.
Another child of God has joined around His throne.

I can only imagine how it feels to listen to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego’s story.
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Charles Collins I am blessed to have you as a friend.
Written by Sybil Griffin Shearin

Petals Of Poetry Award of Excellence

Petals Of Poetry Award of Excellence

Dated July 23, 2016
Waiting for the Son
Copyrighted 7-2016

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