Where I’ll Never Be Alone

Once I stood all alone in total darkness
It was so dark my eyes could not see
I fell on my knees and cried Jesus I’m in distress!
Please Lord, with Your wings come and cover me.

Jesus I ask You, to let me stand
I feel so alone please hold my hand.
It’s so dark here where I roam
Take my hand so I won’t have to walk alone.

I can hear the trumpet sounding
I hear Your voice now sounding
Angels are standing around your throne
Please don’t leave me here to walk alone.

I have no one but You that I can trust or be true.
I’m tired and I need Your mighty strength to pull me through.
Your Spirit dwells within me like a mighty living stone.
Take my hand Lord so I won’t have to cross Jordan alone.

I can hear the trumpet sounding
I an hear Your sweet voice sounding
Angels and loved ones celebrate around Your matchless throne
Take my hand Lord, so I won’t have to travel all alone.

When the final horse is groomed and ready
And all Your saint are mounted and their horses standing steady
When the earth is filled with blood and there is no more Cornerstone
Please hold my hand so I won’t have to ride alone.
Please hold my hand so I’ll never have to be all alone.

Sybil Shearin
June 2007

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