The Melody of Grace

Grace 2
There was a small gentle lady that came to live beside of me.
Her gentle spirit and her sweet smile she shared so tenderly.
She drove me to school every morning and home in the afternoon.
I always looked forward to our talks and our funny songs so out of tune.
Hearts are now broken for the loss of this lady’s life and love.
Her departure has taken a great portion of her immortal love.
Precious memories fill a giant library book each page lined in silk
As we remember each memory it will make our hearts stand still.
God has chosen one of the most beautiful roses to place in His majestic garden.
Grace’s smile lifted  everyone even the ones depressed and down trodden.
I can’t imagine life without this sweet loving lady.
However there is a reunion in heaven welcoming her home with smiles and all the gaiety.
It is a journey we must all one day take.
So we work endlessly to leave special memories to drown out some of the heartbreak.
Mrs. Grace’s precious memory book is mighty and filled with all the love she could give.
She always made sure she left good memories for all of us who continue on earth to live.
To God Be The Glory
Great Things He Hath Done.
Now Mrs. Grace is with God’s only Son.
Resting from a weary journey she has finished with honors her final run.
Written by Sybil Shearin
To the Family of Mrs.Grace Daniels
Dated April 8th 2016
Copyrighted 4-2016
Grace Daniels pic
                          Mrs. Grace Daniels Draughon


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