The Call of God

Listen! Do you hear Him calling your name?
Do you hear His whispers as you prayed guilty and ashamed?
Is your heart speaking but you are too proud to hear?
He is calling for you to come near.

Are you selfish only wanting your own way?
Do you dismiss His words and refuse to near Him stay?
Do you feel Him tugging at your hearts door?
Or do you just refuse to even listen anymore?

For the call of God is to be brought into a Holy Zone.
In that zone God changes the mind and it becomes well known.
To God the Father, The Holy Spirit and Jesus alone.
Only these three spirits are the souls Foundation Stone.

Listen! Do you hear Him calling your name?
Is He asking you to do something for Him
and not or worldly fame?
Something that only you alone can do?
If not you, then who?

Is your heart soft and supple, willing and free?
Do you remember the blind man who could not see?
Is your mind and your thought given only unto the Lord?
Will you listen and will you carry Calvary’s Sword?

Written by Sybil Shearin
Inspired by The Son

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