Standing Tall

I am an American and I stand tall.
You can see me inside any concert hall.
I am the one yelling at children’s baseball games.
I am the one who still for freedom proclaims.

You can see me eating at the hot dog stands.
You will see me salute to the Air Force bands.
I am the one who cries for the aborted babies dear.
I am the mother who has shed many a tear.

I am the grandmother who gives to the poor.
I am the scientist who searches for a cure.
I am the soldier who fights for freedom for all.
I am the Chaplain who makes the heartbreaking call.

I am the doctor who stand by the sick person’s bed.
I am the hungry child who’s stomach has not been fed.
I am the Navy sailor who sails on ships to war.
I am the young man who enlists in the United States Marine Corps.

I am the fireman who holds a burned baby in his arms.
I am the President who sounds the nations alarms.
I am the bugle who sounds the Army’s lonely notes of taps.
I was the child in the twin towers when it collapsed.

I am the man who penned the Declaration of Independence.
I am the friend who gives his brother another chance.
I am the flag that waves over America still.
I was one of the men at battle of Bunker Hill.

I am the woman who’s hands stitched the flags white stars.
I am the man whose fingers strum on the wooden guitars.
I am the singer who entertains our American Troops.
I am the hunter who quietly shoots.

I am an American sailing on freedoms seas.
I am an American praying freely on bended knee.
I am an American in submarines under the sea.
I am an American and I stand for Sweet Liberty.

Yes I am an American standing tall.
My ancestor’s pictures are hanging on museum walls.
I am an American and in God I trust no matter what befalls.
I am an American and I proudly stand tall.

Written by Sybil Shearin
© 2-2003
Freed by The Son

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