Show Me Your Scars!

You tell me you are a Christian,
You tell me you are Born Again.
You attend church regularly
But upon God’s Word do you really stand?

You say you believe in Jesus,
You tell me He is Lord of your life.
You teach Sunday School lessons each Sunday
But your days are still filled with sinful strife.

You say you believe Jesus died upon a cross.
You say He died for you.
You pray pretty words in your prayers
But I don’t see any scars of red, white or blue?

If you read about the disciples
You will find they died a martyr’s death so bloody.
If you are really a child of God,
Then take the time to show Your bloodly scars to me!

Oh where are the scars on your aged hands?
Where are the scars that pierced your fevered brow?
Show me the nail prints in your feet.
Then I’ll believe you really are a Christian right here and right now.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 11-2003
Scarred for the Son!

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