Salvation is So Simple

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner and the worst of them all.
Lord I see your face and I hear your whispering call.
I know you died for all my sins alone.
You hung upon an old rugged cross for my sins to atone.
Lord Your blood ran down into the sand.
Oh, God help me to be a Godly man.
I turn from the world and its evil game.
Please come into my heart and forever be the same.
I can’t make it alone and I can’t walk without Your help.
I know by Your word my soul will forever be safely kept.
I give my heart and soul to you now and ask you to write my name in your book.
Upon Your face I’m ashamed to look.
Take my hand and walk with me.
Don’t ever let me be so proud that I forget all about Calvary.
I love you heart, soul, spirit, and even my mind.
Come into my life and together we will dine.
I am yours forever and I promise to try
To live for you daily because now I know the reason why
You gave your life only for me.
Thank you for removing the scales from my eyes so that I can now see.
Into Your hands I commit my spirit!
With You in heaven one day I’ll sit!
Thank you Jesus!

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
Saved by The Son!

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