Ribbons and Lace

When I was a child Mama dressed me in ribbons and lace.
I was to be a lady of mirrors and grace.
My dresses she stitched everyone with love
Depending on a touch from the Master above.
I had gowns sweeping the floor and fragrances galore.
Mama opened every children’s boutique door.
She put ribbons in my long blonde hair that hung down to my waist
And a touch of her blush on my tender child-like face.
So needless to say I was the sparkle in her eyes
And a charmer to all my friends and family ties.
You see Mama wanted to hide my legs that would not walk.
She heard the words people whispered and gossiping talk.
I had been victim of Polio and my legs were in steel braces tall.
So Mama tried very hard to let others see my heart first of all.
She hoped the ribbons, perfume and lace
Would brighten the look on my little face.
But it was Jesus who came to visit me one summer’s night.
I remember He touched my legs with an illuminable light.
Angels stood all around my bed
Silently they stood and not one word was said.
Still the doctors are amazed that I still walk today.
I give God glory and praise for the healing He gave me everyday
And the ribbons, perfume and lace from Mama I still wear to this day.
Thank you Jesus for healing and saving this child’s soul.
Thank you Mama for your love so untold.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) All rights reserved, 3-13-2003
A True Story for I am the Child!

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