Prayer Is The Greatest Means

Prayer it is said is man’s greatest means and how odd
Of trapping the infinite resources of God.
The doctors try and do their best our health to defend
But they after all these years, are still practicing medicine

There is One person only who holds the key,
For He is not just practicing medicine you see.
He heals, restores, delivers and makes our bodies whole.
Jesus is the same today as He was in days of old

It seems to me we could save a great deal of money,
If we’d only get down on our knees and start praying Sonny!
Give our troubles and our sorrows to Jesus the Master
He will do a better job and do it much cheaper and faster

He molded the body out of clay from somewhere,
And He breathed into it His living wonderous air.
If He can make a body like yours and mine,
Don’t you think He will a doctor outshine?

It’s sad people have forgotten about the healing power of prayer
And concentrate on wealth giving money to only a practitioner.
Just get your telephone book down and take a look See how many practitioners are listed in your book

Then get the Bible down off the dusty shelf.
Read it through all by yourself.
Read it through from cover to cover.
Jesus is still the only healer I’m sure you will discover.

If He died for you on the old rugged cross
And paid your sin debt and covered your loss.
Don’t you think if He did all this, without any problem or toil
He can still heal your body without even a Referral

Written by Sybil Shearin (c) 7-2002

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