I’m not popular with too many people
Because they don’t like the things I say
You see Jesus is my Lord and lives within my heart
When I talk HIS Word rolls off my tongue in some sort of way.

I am not rich and I don’t seek fame in my life.
This earth is not my home for I am on a journey now.
God told me to tell people about Jesus and how to be saved from a hellish eternity.
One day every person before God will have to bow.

So I’m not popular with some of the worldly kinds.
But I’d rather be His and have a mansion in heaven one day
Than to have friends who have no God and no Godly future.
You see one day on a hill called Calvary Jesus blood washed all my sins away.

Everyone has a debt that has to be paid
No matter how hard you work or how much money you make.
You will never be able to pay your sin debt to God.
But Jesus loved you enough to freely die for your sake.

How could someone love a murderer or a thief.
How could He look beyond our faults and see our needs?
The great I Am who is and has always been
Saves all Sinners if they choose Him and cancels out all their sinful deeds.

So if you are talking to me and my words about Him seem to just slip out.
It is not because I have a prepared script hidden inside somewhere.
It is because I met Jesus on a dusty road one day.
He took me just the way I was and saved me just because He cared.

Written by Sybil Shearin
Copyrighted 4-2016
All Rights Reserved
Waiting for the sound of the trumpet.

No one else will love you like this.

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