Petals of Poetry

I sit watching the leaves fall outside my window.
Time is steadily passing by and I am helpless to stop it.
The waves still rush to the shore, the tide in constant flow.
Still I wonder if you ever think of me as I near the window sit.

Petals fall to the earth in colors of yellow and gold.
The breeze carries them as I watch them float.
It reminds me of the times underneath that tree you I would hold.
Long ago it was my heart your love smote.

Where are you now, I need to know?
Do you ever think of me and the love we shared?
If I were an angel I would fly and to you I would go.
Angels tread where lovers once dared.

Oh the petals of love and the grip they hold on me.
I see you in every rose as I walk by.
I see you in the petal on the blossoms in the apple tree.
Oh, how I love you and I still wonder why?

You took my precious petals of love.
Petals that only fall once in a lifetime.
Soft are the feathers and snowhite as the dove.
With words I pen precious petals in rhyme.

Walk with me just once more
Kiss away the cold.
Promise me forever that you’ll never leave my door.
Petals of poetry are forever ours to hold.

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