27 Jan 2011

A Teacher’s Prayer

Lord I stand silently overlooking our youth of today
But I must be cautious about every single word I say.
I watch as children’s morals rot and decay
But words from the Bible I’m not allowed to say.

I am forced to teach about the theory of evolution
But I can’t read from the Bible about God’s way of creation.
I can read the children about Columbus and how he sailed
But I can’t mention about Paul and Silas freed by angels from jail.

I can read them stories about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
But I can’t read them the Ten Commandments and tell them about fornication and sin.
I watch as they wear clothes to show all their private body parts
But they can’t be told to abstain from sex before a pregnancy starts.

They can paint their nails red, yellow or blue
But Lord I’m not allowed to teach them all about YOU.
They can wear their hair in colors of purple, orange or green
But I can’t tell them about Jesus, the Man of many dreams.

They are allowed to pierce God’s temple in ears, nose and tongue.
They are not allowed to be taught about Jesus, God’s only Son.
Young souls sit before me with minds ready to be filled.
I am not allowed to tell them it is against God’s laws to steal.

I watch as our youth’s morals rot and decay.
All the while their freedoms are silently being stripped away.
They can read about witchcraft and popular books like Harry Potter
But they can’t be told how Jesus healed Jairus’s daughter.

I can teach them about astrology, tarot cards and ouiji boards too
But I can’t tell them about Jesus the King of the Jews.
I see young girls pregnant at the age of twelve.
This area once taught against has been forbidden and just tossed upon the shelve.

I stand before a generation continuing to decay
But I can’t tell them about Jesus and the awesome price for their sins He once paid.
I hand them condoms and birth control pills
But I can’t tell them abortion is referred to in the Bible as “Thou shalt not kill!”

Lord I have to pray in silence in class or in study hall
For I might offend a student who has no belief in God at all.
Lord Your people want prayer back in our schools today.
Without prayer this generation will in hell lift up their eyes in dismay.

God give me the freedom to teach Your Holy Word once again
And allow me to teach them how the world really did begin.
God, Faith, and Country in my heart was taught one day
But God in our schools has now been deceptively taken away.

Lord I am a teacher, a child’s friend and guide.
My lips have been sealed about YOU and how YOU for them once died.
I’m asking Lord for revival in America our native home land.
So teachers can teach Godly wisdom to every child, woman and man.

Lord I pray our leaders and Supreme Court Justices will soon see
We are in desperate need of Jesus the man from Galilee.
Our freedoms are slowly and deceptively being taken away.
God help American and please, start helping us today!

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 3-2003
Standing Tall For the Son.

27 Jan 2011

The Unborn Children

My hands touched his tiny fingers ever so fair.
My eyes beheld God’s creation with care.
He was only five months in my pregnancy you see.
An infection robbed my precious baby from me.

I wanted so to kiss him goodbye
But the nurses took him from me with a heartfelt sigh.
They said they send the fetus to find out why it died.
It wasn’t a fetus to me and for my precious baby I cried.

I have no grave to visit and spend some time.
They never returned my jewel divine.
I can’t place flowers upon his grave.
A fetus is not a baby and is not therefore saved.

What did they do with my precious little one?
God planted this seed to become my darling little son.
I live with the hope I will see him again.
My faith in Jesus is built solid and strong, not on shifting sand.

Though I miss him today and I remember his pale little face.
I know I shall see him again because of God’s amazing grace.
I just wish doctors and politicians could see.
It wasn’t a fetus, but a baby to me.

It seems professionals are becoming distant to all human emotions.
They graduate with honors but treat patients as consumers detached from all care and devotion.
What is the price of one tiny little stillborn baby boy?
Why do they call them a fetus and instead wash their hands of God’s little blessings of joy?

In the distance I hear heavens vast rumbling sounds.
I see the dark skies and I hear the thunder rolling pounds.
One day soon God is going to say ,”Enough is Enough!”
The penalty for ignoring human life I fear will be mighty tough!

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
(c) 5-2003
Waiting for The Son!

27 Jan 2011

A Fragrance So Rare!

It was the extravagant fragrance that first caught my sight.
Then it was the shimmering starry night.
Pale was your face, so like velvet next to my skin.
I stood there wondering where you had been.
A black satin dress encrusted with diamonds end to end
Moulded to your body with endless sequins.
Fragile you were yet powerfully evocative of distant eras,
With dainty airy florals wrapping around your tiny wrist.
It was almost like a fairy tale that I had long sinced dreamed.
My imagination had kept you for many years it seems.
You stood there looking out over the ocean wide.
I felt like a schoolboy with too much pride.
Taking a deep breath and vowing not to shake
I followed the fragrance I so wanted to take.
Your eyes turned and pierced deep within my soul.
I was yours at that moment so my heart was told.
For years I had waited for a love like you.
How many women had my heart been through?
I knew you were the lady of my dreams
For I melted inside never once caring it seems.
Porcelain dolls can never your matchless beauty display
Nor the love that I hold for you today.
My love was captured first by your fragrance so rare.
My heart followed along, consumed and without a prayer.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(C) 11-2002

27 Jan 2011

Angel Slippers

It was a cold winters day and I was sitting by the fire.
The logs were popping and cracking flames licking up through the air.
Snow peppered down like tiny feathers swirling to the ground.
The winds howled and moaned an eerie like sound.
But I was drinking hot chocolate with marshmellows so tasty and sweet.
I had soft warm pajamas and furry footies on my pampered feet.
The lights flickered on and off, as the winds continued to blow.
I could see from the window, we were going to have a lot of snow.
I turned the pages slowly reading a long awaited book.
It was then my eyes caught the image of someone trying to sneek a look.
Who could be out in weather such as this my mind began to think?
I must have been mistaken I reasoned taking another sip of my warm drink.
My eyes were playing tricks on me that was easy for me to assume.
So I settled back on the sofa as my eyes surveyed the room.
It was then I thought I heard a faint whimpering sound.
I stood and looked outside the window but nothing was to be found.
The limbs of the trees were scratching against the old cabin’s tin roof.
It must have been them I thought, making a very logical proof.
Then my attention was drawn to the cabins front door.
A faint tap tap and then I heard nothing more.
I waited quietly staring into the flames of the red and orange fire.
Then I heard another tap tap tap and a sound much like that of a crier.
I dropped the book onto the floor and rushed to see who could be outside.
As I opened the door a child look up, her blue eyes so big and wide.
Oh my Darling, you are frozen, please let me get you inside.
I picked up the frozen child and placed her near the fire.
She had no coat nor hat nor gloves, only a small child’s attire.
Her lips trembled as I wrapped her in blankets oh so soft.
I hurried to get something warm to drink hoping to quinch her raspy cough.
I watched as she took the cup and touched it to her lips.
Her hands were frozen and blue right down to her fingertips.
Where did you come from I finally asked for I could not help but know.
How anyone would allow a small child to wander out into the snow.
She looked into my eyes just the way an angel would.
“I just wanted to spend some time with you when my Daddy said I could.”
But where do you live there are no houses anywhere near here?
“I live in my room most of the time but Christmas is so near.
Daddy let me come out of my room why he drank his beer.”
My stomach ached inside as she told me about her life.
How could someone do such a thing to his child not to mention his battered wife.
Well you shall stay with me for a while so don’t you fret my dear.
I’ll take good care of you I said as I brushed away a tear.
We slept on the rug by the fireplace that night.
As I drifted off to sleep, I could feel her tiny arms holding me real tight.
Morning dawned, the winds had stopped and the sun broke through the clouds at last.
I reached to gather my new found friend but found only her slippers, made of rubies, diamonds, gold and brass.
And upon her pillow still damp from her long flowing hair
Was one angel’s feather just waiting for me there.

Written by : Sybil Shearin (c) 11-2002
Given by The Son

27 Jan 2011

The Star Still Shines!

In a small town in the South there lived a family of three.
They were poor and the father had left home you see.
There were two little boys one was six and one twelve years old.
The smaller child had no socks, nor coat and it was bitter cold.
He was shaking as he waited in our store for the school bus.
We gave him food, some shoes,and a coat without a whole lot of fuss.
It was almost Christmas and he was so excited he began to sing.
He told us of all the grand things he knew that Santa was going to bring.
We gathered up some boxes and took to his house that Christmas day.
It was only a wood framed house, no curtains or rugs on the wooden floors lay.
There were no lights and only a small wood heater which gave little heat.
“Look! Look!” The smallest child said in excitement leaping to his feet.
“See our Christmas tree and all the lights?” he began to repeat.
He pointed behind the door so I walked over to take a peek.
To my shock and dismay, there was only a dark empty space.
There was no Christmas tree and there were no lights, ribbons or lace.
The only lights in that room were in the little boy’s eyes.
His mother had been drinking and gave some sleepy sighs.
Side by side on Christmas day there stood two little brothers.
How could God give so much to some and so little to others?
Why are the children always the ones to hurt the most?
I placed one box of clothes on the floor and returned to the car for the box of candy, fruit and roast.
It was such a little amount, yet these boys were brimming with Christmas joys.
A chill swept over me as I stood there looking at those two little
abandoned boys.
I had two children at home and a Christmas tree with many lights.
Under our Christmas tree were packages, ribbons and delights.
Yet in these children’s eyes, they saw a Christmas like no other.
It was just another day but there was a love between those brothers.
Love was their only gift for Christmas I still recall with a sigh.
I watched those boys grow up, live shortly and then die.
The mind can see what God puts in the heart.
Love given by God is only the start.
Love is the only gift we can keep and take with us as we depart.
If I had all the Love and I could reach every soul today,
I’d be a better man because I’d give it all away.
For Love is the greatest gift we have in this earthly realm,
And the Star continues to shine even if your eyes can’t see Him.

Written by Sybil Shearin, (c) 11-2002
Kept by the Son
A True Story

27 Jan 2011

Would You Then Feel My Love?

If you could see past the clouds above
And I would reveal unto you my mansion of love.
If I opened up the heavens to show my kingdom above
Would you then feel my love?

If I could show you wonderful things
Like the beauty sparkling from every gem and all the diamond rings
If I gave to you all my precious heavenly things
Would you then feel my love?

If I walked with you across every galaxy in the skies
And if I emptied all the oceans and filled them with mountains high
If I covered you with my wings and took away all your trials
Would you then feel my love?

If I told you I know all your feelings hidden deep inside
Feelings you feel in your deepest hour, the ones you always hide
If I told you I hold your breath in my hands from above
Would you then feel my love?

If I laid down my life for you and took upon me all your sins
If I wrote your name in my blood with a pen
If I picked the moon and the stars and gave them to you
Would you then feel my love?

If I promised to always hold you close to my heart
If I promised to tell you we would never part
If I cradled your body forever and that would only be a start
Would you then feel my love?

If I committed my life to share with you all that I am.
If I gave you everything my Father gave to His Lamb
And if I gave your soul eternity and happiness in my city above
Would you then feel my love?

If I cried the ocean full of tears
And if I take away all your fears
If I gave you all the love there is above
Would you then feel my love?

I know what’s grown inside of you since you were born.
I have felt every pain and heartache when you were forelorn.
If you could see your future in heavenly bliss pure as the dove
If I came for you tonight would you then feel my love?

If I told you I am the only way
If I told you all your sin debts I’d already paid.
If I’d tell you just once more
Would you then feel my love knocking at your hearts door.

Written by Sybil Shearin (c) 8-2002

27 Jan 2011

Somebody’s Son

I happened to be mowing my grass one hot sunny day.
I saw a little boy come walking up my way.
His knees were skinned, his shirt faded and worn.
His little denim shorts were dirty, frayed and torn.
He stopped to watch as I walked in a steady pace.
I could see him watching me as I looked into his face.
He leaned next to a tree and then proceeded to sit down.
I wondered where he came from and perhaps what part of town.
My wife brought me a fresh glass of cold lemonade she’d made.
But I couldn’t drink it for looking at the child just sitting in the shade.
So I stopped the mower and walked closer to the blonde- haired lad.
“Hi there sonny and just where is your Dad?”
He looked up with a thirsty look upon his dirty face.
Then I reached out my cold glass of lemonade but not for him to taste.
“Here you go my son, this cold one is on me!”
I’m not your son, the little boy said quite abruptly.
I don’t have a Daddy anymore at least that’s what my Mama said.
I suppose he lives somewhere or else he’s probably dead.
I’m sorry to hear that I replied as I watched him drinking up the brew.
I’m really sorry because somebody would love to have a son like you.
He hung his head , his eyes lowered as he wrote in the dirt.
I could tell from his actions the little lad’s feelings had been hurt.
Well I tell you what, I said with a gentle smile.
You can come and visit with me and my wife and spend a while.
You can come here to my house and you can be my son.
He looked up at me with a smile as big as could be.
“I’d like that Mister!” he said quite bashfully.
You run along now and come back real soon.
Maybe we can play some softball tomorrow afternoon.
He stood and I watched him slowly walk away.
That’s somebody’s son I thought in absolute dismay.
I wonder where his Dad is and why he left him so.
Then my eyes squinted from the awesome sudden glow.
“Yes He was Somebody’s Son”, I heard a thundrous voice say.
“He was my Son that was crucified on that hill so faraway.
And He’s coming back real soon I hope you know!
He’s coming for my children and I pray you will be ready to go!”
I couldn’t quite conceive this sudden apparition not to mention the voice.
But I’ll be ready , on that you can depend and all the angels in heaven will rejoice.
And it is all because Somebody’s Son visited me that hot sunny day.
So I pray you too will listen to the Father who gave His Son to pay your way!

Written by Sybil Shearin (c) 9-1-2002

27 Jan 2011

In The Arms of an Angel

I wandered far away from home
My body is bruised and my feet frozen by the snow.
Where am I going; where could I roam?
I am only five years old, and I have no place to go.

Daddy said he loved me, but I don’t think he does.
Mommy has to sleep alot because she has to work.
Daddy spanks me very hard and he says its just because.
I’m always afraid to smile because he will call it a smirk.

Do you happen to know of a home for me.
I had to leave tonight inspite of the freezing rain.
I don’t think I’ll be here long if God doesn’t come you see.
My body is bruised and cut, my heart is filled with pain.

Why is it that Mommies and Daddies are not good anymore.
They all think children are play things I guess.
If they don’t like children, then what are they asking for?
No one comes to our house because it is such a mess.

I tired to clean the bathroom and I happened to spill the cleaner.
I quickly wiped it up so no one would be able to tell.
But when Daddy saw some, he just seemed to get meaner.
He hit me with his fist but I told everyone I fell.

God, will you send an angel to come for me tonight.
I know you are up there because I’ve seen your light.
I’m getting very sleepy now, I’ll rest beside this tree.
Oh, please God, if I don’t wake, please don’t forget to come for me.

She’s in the arms of the angel tonight, so don’t forget to pray!
There are other little children that need your help today.
Before you get into your nice warm bed tonight.
Remember all the children who see no heavenly angels in sight!

True Story: Written by Sybil Shearin (c) 8-2002

27 Jan 2011

Did You Know He Is My Hero?

Did you know He is my Hero?
Did you know He died for me?
Did you know He shed His precious blood that I might live free?
Did you know I love Him so?

Oceans may flow forever to the sea
Mountains may reach the heavens
But He has created it all just for me.
He has given me life eternal.

Did you know He was beaten?
Did you know He was an innocent man?
Did you know He accepted all my sins?
Did you know He is the only ONE that can?

Did you know He longs to hold me tight?
Did you know He cries when He sees me hurting?
Did you know He watches over me day and night?
Did you know He is my hero always waiting?

Did you know He is your hero too.
All He did for me, He will do for you.
Did you know His name is above every other name?
Did you know He never changes, always the same?

Did you know He hold your life in His hands?
Did you know He loves you with an unconditional love?
Did you know He is waiting for you in heavens grandstands?
Did you know He is longing to hear you whisper His name?

Did you know He is my Hero?
Did you know He died for me?
Did you know His arms are big enough for you?
Did you know He can set you free?

Did you know no chains can bind you?
Did you know He took the keys?
Did you know He triumphed over evil?
Did you know He paid the ransom for all eternity?

Did you know Jesus is my Hero?
Did you know He can be yours too?
Did you know He loves me?
Did you know, He loves you?

Written by Sybil Shearin, (c) 8-2002

27 Jan 2011

Let Me Tell You Why

Once there was a man blessed of God
Upon this earth for thirty years His feet did trod.
He was the epitemy of love sent from the Father to man.
Upon His feet He wore an earthly sandal parched by the sand.

His eyes were filled with love and virtue flowed.
Many miracles and blessings He humbly bestowed.
He healed the lame and cause the blind to see.
This man called Jesus came to earth for you and for me.

But man did not received this blessed Savior.
And so they tried to betray Him and on His back He bore
Stripes numbered thirty nine slashed upon His sinless frame.
People spat upon Jesus the Savior and called Him names.

Yet He loved them and lifted not His powerful hand.
He was truth, love and kindness to each and every man..
He raised the dead and He walked on the waters deep.
And yet this Savior, for His people weeped.

He knew man would not accept Him as the Son of God.
Yet He loved them as upon this earth He did trod.
Then they whipped him and drove nails into his precious hands.
They hung my precious Jesus on a cross in a deserted land.

He was sinless , unlike me He was innocent of all sin.
Yet they hung Him between two thieves upon a cross then.
Mary His mother watched as her Son was crucified and died.
Tears like a river accompanied her souls cries.

They placed his body in a borrowed tomb.
Mary cried for this child that had been placed into her womb.
She knew He was a special man and yet she gave Him up willingly,
She kissed His face as perfume and oil attended his wounds left for the world to see.

She would always remember the words He spoke as He hung there.
“Today will you be with Me in Paradise” she continued to hear.
Yet she was looking at His bloody body torn by man’s hands.
Agony burned inside this beloved mother as she loosened the bands.

She had watched as He grew from a baby into the Son of man.
She remembered the angels foretelling His birth back then.
She remembered His childlike smiles and His soft gentle hand.
How could people do such a thing to this gentle man?

Now she sat watching her precious child lying upon a cold slab of stone.
How could man be so cruel and punish an innocent seed God had sown?
She could still hear his gentle words of hope and love.
She knew His soul was with His Father above.

Yet this was her son, the child she had felt move inside.
The child she had seen walk and talk, and now had died.
In her heart she knew that His purpose has been fulfilled.
He had paid the debt for us, our fate God has sealed.

I invite you to meet this man who is called the Lord of Lords.
The One who gave us His word and His sword.
The One who looked down through the years.
The One who holds your breath and your tears.

When you come to the end of your road,
When life has passed and your wild seeds are sowed,
Remember there’s only one way to glory.
His name is Jesus, and that is the end of the story.

Let me tell you why He came.
He came to pay for all your sins, not for fame.
He came to redeem that which is lost.
He came for you friend and paid all the cost!

Written by Sybil Shearin (c) 8-2002

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