Our Blessed Hope

A small child cries in a hospital bed.
Tubes in her body is how she is fed.
Day by day she slowly wastes away.
Disease grows and the small body decays.

A gray-haired lady sits in a wheel chair.
Her bed clothes smell from lack of care.
Eyes once bright have dimmed in tears.
She sits abandoned by her children for who her heart holds so dear.

Singing a song, she rocks a doll in her frail thin hands.
She thinks the doll is her baby and perfect care it demands.
The rocking chair rocks away.
Her mind is reliving a yesterday.

On a park bench sits a lonely man.
His clothes are dirty and he has only one hand.
He has no hat to shade his head.
The park bench has become this old man’s bed.

The doctor comes in and gives the news.
A beautiful woman is waiting having no clues.
He coldly and firmly reads from his medical critiques.
“You have cancer and only a few months to live!” , he coldly speaks.

All of these pictures I see in my mind.
All of these people are living on borrowed time.
Where will each of these poor souls go
When death walks in and steals the show?

I sit on the bedside of the woman in tears.
I hold the hand of the child who always fears.
I offer the beggar a bed in which to sleep.
I listen to the song the woman sings to the
child her mind still keeps.

I tell them all of a Blessed Hope on which to call.
He will take them to heaven one and all.
The Blessed Hope is Christ Jesus the King
And in His strong arms they can begin to cling.

He will wipe away all the tears from the child.
He can heal the woman of cancer with only a smile.
He is the shelter for the beggar who is in need.
He is Father to the elderly in Word and Deed.

Jesus Christ is the Hope for all mankind.
Only He is the answer for this day and this time.
Jesus Christ is man’s greatest love story
And Jesus Christ is our ONLY Hope of Glory!

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 2-25-2003
My Blessed Hope, The Son

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