Only At The Feet Of Jesus

Some people worship idols and the stars that shine.
Others worship money and the luxury to wine and dine.
I worship only at the feet of Jesus who died just for me.
He paid my sin debt on Calvary.
Tell me what your gods have done for you.
Will your god always be there to carry you through?
What price did it pay for your sinful soul?
Was it merely silver or perhaps was it gold?
Let me introduce you to the One True Living God today.
Salvation is free and you will never have to pay.
Accept Jesus Christ and at His feet worship only.
He promises never to forsake you or leave you lonely.
Just like a little child ask Him to come into your heart.
Asking is the beginning of a brand new start.
Seek Him while He can be found.
Knock on His hearts door and free your heart that is bound.
He alone can forgive your sin.
The priest cannot cancel the sin debt your soul harbors within.
Only at the feet of Jesus salvation and redemption can you find.
Only at the feet of Jesus are the answers for all mankind!
This year as the Christmas season begins and ends,
Make sure you and Jesus become more than just friends!
Only at the feet of Jesus will your soul be set free.
Only at the feet of Jesus the Christ from Galilee!

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 12-2004
All Rights Reserved
Sitting at the Feet of Jesus!

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