One Lamb In One Hundred

I met a man one summer day
He was sad for he had a debt to pay.
You see he had committed a crime
The penalty for it was to do hard time.
Yet he had a smile two miles long
And I could envision him singing a song.
I could look into his heart and soul
Love was what I could behold.
Though he didn’t have the same as me
I knew the Holy Spirit’s coming was yet to be.
So at my typewrite I did sit.
I made a statement which was my commit
To lift his spirit and touch his soul
He was behind bars and I could not his person hold.
I watched this person who was a handsome man
Come under the teachings of God’s command.
I saw him grow from month to month as it would be
Years went by for Beau and me.
I kept his face pinned to my heart
I never gave up he would one day get a new start.
Today I am proud to know this man.
He is still as handsome and I am his fan
And I pray He continues to follow God’s command
To seek and to save that which is lost
In doing so we never do quite know the cost
I have great faith in this one man
Who continues to hold Jesus Christ’s hand.
I lift him up to the Father above
This is to you Beau with all of my love!!

Written by Sybil Shearin
Dedicated to Beau Jeffrey
Sold out to the Son!

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