Ode to the American Soldiers

I was walking in New York one sunny day.
Folks were going about their merry way.
I was just happy, enjoying my life.
I felt good about myself, my job and my wife.
My hands in my pockets were jingling change.
Would New York ever again be the same?
My thoughts wandered from here to there.
I stumbled into a beggar with unkempt hair.
Hey watch it, I said with superior flair.
He turned and looked me dead in the eye.
Son, watch out because Charlie is close by!
Are you drunk man, get out of my way!
His eyes were glazed but he had this to say.
I’ve paid my dues in blood, sweat and tears.
And all I have is what you see right here!
I stammered because I could plainly see.
He was a veteran who fought for you and me!
So don’t judge a man by just what you see.
This man was STILL fighting for OUR LIBERTY!

Sybil G Shearin
(c) 2002 All Rights Reserved

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