Night Angel

It was late in the day.
I was tired and weary.
It was raining.
The fog was so heavy and dreary.
But through the darkness,
There came a tiny ray of light.
As I looked a bit closer,
I could see an angel in the night.

I rubbed my eyes thinking this could not be.
How can an angel be there watching over me?
Who am I that God would watch over me?
For I am just an ordinary person you see.
I am such a failure and my live is a wreck.
Who am I that God would want to protect?
How can you love someone like me Lord,
After all my failures how can you afford?

“I’ll protect you with the Word, Your sword”!
“I’ll protect you”, said my Lord!

Sybil G Shearin

Copyright ©2002 Sybil G Shearin

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