Never Again Will I lose You

Never Again Will I lose You!

Among the thorns, vines and roses
I found a precious rose divine
It’s petals were as blue as the ocean’s waves hurriedly composes.
But I let this precious rose linger with another’s glass of wine.

The years have passed but the rose still lives within my heart
God let it bloom there because He knew I loved you from the depth of my soul
Those blue eyes will never leave me until death do us part.
He also knew my love for you was always true from the very start.

So think of me when you are busy or when you stop to rest for a while..
Just know no matter what I’m doing my mind upon you is resting.
I believe God made two people whose love will never die.
I have always believed He meant that to be for you and I

Forever! Sybil

Written by Sybil Shearin
Dedicated to My Eternal Rose
Copyrighted 1-2015

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