My Spirit Sings Free!

Lord, You are my Savior
You are my King
You are the answer
To my everything.
You give me life
A soul made of dust
In Your kingdom
There’s no fighting, decay or rust.
You are My Father
You are My Light
If I follow You
My pathway will always be bright
For I have a mission
To set captives free
And I can only do this
If You live inside of me.
I pray for the lost
The sick to be made well
I ask for the freedom
for souls bound for hell.
Take my body and all of me
I am the reason
You died on that tree
You looked down through the ages
And You saw it was me.
You were the only way
I was set free.
You were the ransom
You paid with Your blood
You were the Lamb
You created the flood
You were my reason
You are the Great I AM!
I lift my small voice my hands extended
To the sweet Rose of Sharon
I praise Your sweet name!
I’m asking for healing
Of the blind and the lame.
You have given me freedom
My spirit soars forever free
Hear my prayer, hear my plea!
I exhault Your holy majestic name
So high and lifted up.
I pray that all nations
Will drink from Your loving cup
And we all can one day
Sit together and sup.
You said You were coming
The signs are everywhere
You are giving warning
That all lamps be filled with oil.
I’m looking to see You
Now just any day.
And with You in glory
My glorified body will stay!
In a moment, the twinkling of the eye
One day my free spirit shall take wings and fly!

Written by Sybil Shearin
Copyright 4-2007
May be used with permission.

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