My Guardian Angel

Since I was only a little child.
I knew I had a very special friend.
Beautiful was my angel so meek and so mild.
I watched her hovering and then descend.

She lies with me in the darkest night.
I’ve seen her stand in her long flowing robe.
Protect me with a long sword ever so bright.
My fingers can trace her celestial lobe.

I know Jesus sent her to me forever to stay.
She loves me I know cause I feel her kiss.
A mighty protector she is till I die one day.
She is the one who told me about all of this.

So if you are little and you can’t sleep.
They love and guard us with an angelic love.
You might feel a kiss on your little cheek.
Remember Guardian Angels are sent from above.

Sybil Shearin (c) 2002

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