Man’s Final Redemption Plan

He stood in the shadows just a black bulk of an ordinary man.
Who would have ever guessed He came from the Holy Land.
His beard was trimmed neatly yet he carried nothing with Him at all.
His hair hung down to His shoulders and He stood strong, lean and tall.

His eyes glistened even in the dim of the moonlight.
His robe was made of the finest material so silky and white.
He stood silently looking into the garden where He had just knelt and prayed.
He knew the debt was not His but He would be the One who paid.

His long tan hands wiped the sweat from his brow.
How He wished there was another way somehow.
His eyes pictured the soldiers with their swords drawn as if need be.
Could they not know He was their creator; were they still so blinded they could not see?

He stumbled as he carried the rough cross upon his back.
Splinters as big as toothpicks made tears and deep piercing cracks.
It was the last walk He would make as a man upon the earth of this kind.
The sun glared into His eyes and the salt burned them like brine.

He lay still positioned as if He knew where each nail was to be nailed.
His breathing was labored but He in this drama would willingly prevail.
The hammer pounded ringing over Golgatha’s hill.
Jesus Christ the Son of God was paying MY ungodly bill.

His lips were parched yet He took not their offering vain.
He called to His mother Mary and His voice whispered in pain.
“Woman, Behold Your Son!” the people heard Him say.
“It Is Finished!” Jesus God’s son gave up His spirit paving the victorious way.

He did it all but not for Himself you see.
He did all of that for You and for Me.
Don’t miss the opportunity because it will never ever happen again.
Jesus the Son of the Living God, was man’s final redemption plan.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 6-4-2003
All Rights Reserved

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