Love’s Promise

How does He love me let me count the ways.
He loves me deeper than the ocean and it’s biggest waves.
He loves me higher than the highest mountain’s snow capped top.
He loves me unconditionally and His love will never stop.
His love is brighter than the noonday sun or candle in the dark.
More solid than the words written by His disciple Mark.
Jesus Love’s Promise is perfect in every majestic way.
When I stand before Him what shall I say
My spirit and soul belongs to only Him.
Without Him my very existance would be lost and grim.
I love Him freely as men strive for freedom.
I love Him purely whatever may come
I love Him with a passion few have ever felt
He alone is my soul’s eternal safety belt.
I love Him with my every breath for it belongs
To the Potter of this broken piece of clay
Inspite of all its imperfections and wrongs.
My smiles, tears, joy, peace and even my life
Shall love Him in earth and even in paradise
My love never fades nor loses its depth nor power
Absent from the body present with Him this second this hour
In all splendor with a glorified body heaven’s most royal flower
I shall love Him even more after death
With my heart, soul, spirit and breath!

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 10-12-2004
FollowingThe Son!

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