Love Lost

The thunder rolled across the darkened skies.
Rain streamed down like a water fall.
Lightening streaked, I closed my eyes.
I watched you sleeping unwilling to call.

Trees bending as the winds howled by.
The storm roared on for hours on end.
I lay there frightened I knew not why.
This was only part of natures trend.

Then all was calm, the storm was gone.
Rain drops ran freely down the windowpane.
It would not be long until another days dawn.
Another night of love spent in vain.

Slowly I slipped across the bed.
Softly I kissed with a passionate love,
Remembering again the words that were said.
I kissed again a love I was so unworthy of.

Sybil Shearin

Copyright ©2002 Sybil G Shearin

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