Longing For Love

The clock on the mantel sounds a tick tock
It is dark outside almost three o’clock.
I toss and turn my eyes opened wide
I have no one sleeping close to my side.

My fingers are covered with diamonds galore
Yet my heart is lonely to its core.
I’ve had lovers who gave me roses and fragrances sweet
But the one I loved I now cannot meet.

His car raced around a winding road in the dark of night
He black out they say and angels carried him in flight
To a mansion far from me you see
The diamond in the glove box had been purchased for me.

So I lie here waiting for God to send someone to me.
To have and to hold forever to be.
Tick Tock, Tick Tock goes the clock in silence deep.
It’s three o’clock and I can find no sleep.

My heart is like a velvet rose
Waiting for someone on bended knee to propose.
My prayers ascend as my body rest on feathers soft.
Sleep comes as they drift passed the aged wooden loft.

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