Let Me Tell You Why

Once there was a man blessed of God
Upon this earth for thirty years His feet did trod.
He was the epitemy of love sent from the Father to man.
Upon His feet He wore an earthly sandal parched by the sand.

His eyes were filled with love and virtue flowed.
Many miracles and blessings He humbly bestowed.
He healed the lame and cause the blind to see.
This man called Jesus came to earth for you and for me.

But man did not received this blessed Savior.
And so they tried to betray Him and on His back He bore
Stripes numbered thirty nine slashed upon His sinless frame.
People spat upon Jesus the Savior and called Him names.

Yet He loved them and lifted not His powerful hand.
He was truth, love and kindness to each and every man..
He raised the dead and He walked on the waters deep.
And yet this Savior, for His people weeped.

He knew man would not accept Him as the Son of God.
Yet He loved them as upon this earth He did trod.
Then they whipped him and drove nails into his precious hands.
They hung my precious Jesus on a cross in a deserted land.

He was sinless , unlike me He was innocent of all sin.
Yet they hung Him between two thieves upon a cross then.
Mary His mother watched as her Son was crucified and died.
Tears like a river accompanied her souls cries.

They placed his body in a borrowed tomb.
Mary cried for this child that had been placed into her womb.
She knew He was a special man and yet she gave Him up willingly,
She kissed His face as perfume and oil attended his wounds left for the world to see.

She would always remember the words He spoke as He hung there.
“Today will you be with Me in Paradise” she continued to hear.
Yet she was looking at His bloody body torn by man’s hands.
Agony burned inside this beloved mother as she loosened the bands.

She had watched as He grew from a baby into the Son of man.
She remembered the angels foretelling His birth back then.
She remembered His childlike smiles and His soft gentle hand.
How could people do such a thing to this gentle man?

Now she sat watching her precious child lying upon a cold slab of stone.
How could man be so cruel and punish an innocent seed God had sown?
She could still hear his gentle words of hope and love.
She knew His soul was with His Father above.

Yet this was her son, the child she had felt move inside.
The child she had seen walk and talk, and now had died.
In her heart she knew that His purpose has been fulfilled.
He had paid the debt for us, our fate God has sealed.

I invite you to meet this man who is called the Lord of Lords.
The One who gave us His word and His sword.
The One who looked down through the years.
The One who holds your breath and your tears.

When you come to the end of your road,
When life has passed and your wild seeds are sowed,
Remember there’s only one way to glory.
His name is Jesus, and that is the end of the story.

Let me tell you why He came.
He came to pay for all your sins, not for fame.
He came to redeem that which is lost.
He came for you friend and paid all the cost!

Written by Sybil Shearin (c) 8-2002

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