There is coming a time like no man as ever seen.
There is coming a time when there will be no power for man’s machine.
There is coming a time when food one cannot find.
There is coming a time when man crosses God’s line.

When hail shall fall upon the earth in giant pieces of ice.
When terror will reign supreme regardless of the price.
When children will be bread for the hungry heathen mind.
When Jesus will be taken out of schools and bible’s left behind.

There is coming a time when man shall go to one final war.
There will be blood flowing deep from shore to shore.
There will be a time when satan will reign and be worshipped as king.
There is coming a time when man will worship anything.

But there is also coming a time when King Jesus will ride through the sky.
When Jehovah God will say ” Enough” and sends His Son down from on high.
And then men will look at a pitiful excuse and command
Did the whole world trembled because of this man? (ISA 14:16)

Written by Sybil Shearin
(C) 8-2004
All Rights Reserved.

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