In The Garden, Where He Prayed

Have you ever walked
Through a garden?
Did your bare feet feel
The green grass so soft?

Can you still imagine the colors
Of flowers planted all around?
Did you sit and listen
To the people as they scoffed?

Imagine, just for a moment
You see Jesus on bended knee.
It is dark and He is alone praying
To the Father about our destiny.

His tears trickle down His face
And fall onto the rock beneath.
Would He take all our sins
And die for us on Calvary?

He could have called heavens’ angels
To come to earth that day.
He listened as He heard
The Father say …

“Son, if you don’t pay for their sins,
They will be lost forever!”
Oh! What a price
For the blessed Savior to pay!

He lingered there, His tears
And sweat like that of blood.
He looked down through
The ages and He saved me.

I stood there all alone before
The Mighty God and I could not pay.
He knew, without someone to pay.
Our debt we would never be free.

He could have said,
“I’m not willing to die for them!”
They have all sinned and
Come short of my Father’s glory.

Jesus was so filled with love
And compassion, He wept still.
Yet, deep within my Savior
Was written the greatest love story.

He has the perfect heart
Pure as the driven snow.
He has the perfect love that
Only His Father could know.

He saw Himself that night,
Walking to Calvary for me and you.
From His head, the crown of thorns pierced
And allowed His blessed blood to flow.

In the garden He prayed,
Taking the sins of all mankind.
If tears could build a stairway
And memories a lane,

I’d walk straight up to heaven
And bring Him back again.
And, for all eternity,
Beside my Master I will reign!

Oh, I praise His name and glory,
And praise and honor I give.
No one else could
Have paid my debt.

My soul He saved from hell,
That day, on Calvary.
It is Jesus, the Savior, who paid
With His blood and sweat.

I will love Him
And forever
I shall stay …

In my mansion
He has prepared for me,
And we will walk together
On heaven’s grand highway!

2002 by Sybil Shearin

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