In The Arms of an Angel

I wandered far away from home
My body is bruised and my feet frozen by the snow.
Where am I going; where could I roam?
I am only five years old, and I have no place to go.

Daddy said he loved me, but I don’t think he does.
Mommy has to sleep alot because she has to work.
Daddy spanks me very hard and he says its just because.
I’m always afraid to smile because he will call it a smirk.

Do you happen to know of a home for me.
I had to leave tonight inspite of the freezing rain.
I don’t think I’ll be here long if God doesn’t come you see.
My body is bruised and cut, my heart is filled with pain.

Why is it that Mommies and Daddies are not good anymore.
They all think children are play things I guess.
If they don’t like children, then what are they asking for?
No one comes to our house because it is such a mess.

I tired to clean the bathroom and I happened to spill the cleaner.
I quickly wiped it up so no one would be able to tell.
But when Daddy saw some, he just seemed to get meaner.
He hit me with his fist but I told everyone I fell.

God, will you send an angel to come for me tonight.
I know you are up there because I’ve seen your light.
I’m getting very sleepy now, I’ll rest beside this tree.
Oh, please God, if I don’t wake, please don’t forget to come for me.

She’s in the arms of the angel tonight, so don’t forget to pray!
There are other little children that need your help today.
Before you get into your nice warm bed tonight.
Remember all the children who see no heavenly angels in sight!

True Story: Written by Sybil Shearin (c) 8-2002

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