In A Child’s Eyes

I saw you as you took money from her
And I watched as our enemies you did not deter.
I saw you give Mommy to other men for your beer.
Who was this child’s overseer?

I heard the words of hate and anger seething.
I watched as the phone was snatched from the wall while still ringing.
I saw the bruises and I felt her pain.
You promised you would never hurt us again.

I opened the cabinets and the refrigerator looking for a bite.
I was hungry and thirsty and it was the middle of the night.
My body shivered from the cold for you had taken my blankets away.
My punishment was necessary I heard you harshly say.

Then I watched you as you held her head in the water.
I knew I was next because I was your only daughter.
I still hear her screams and see her streaming tears.
My pain disappears overtaken by terror and childish fears.

I saw Mommy with the knife held in her hands.
I saw the blood run red on the floor as she took off her wedding bands.
I don’t remember how I came to this place,
But I’ll always remember the anger on my daddy’s face.

Mommy is in a prison behind walls of iron and steel gates.
She is serving the rest of her life for defending us from Daddy’s jealous
Daddy rest quietly on the hill just outside town in the cementery there
While I continue looking through a child’s eyes in darkness and despair.

I wish Daddy loved Mommy and I was in a happy home.
I wish Mommy didn’t hurt anymore and her mind didn’t aimlessly roam.
I wish I had a Mommy and a Daddy who really loved me.
I am unwanted, unloved and my childish eyes are blind now you see.

Jesus I am a child who can no longer see.
I pray for my Mommy’s heart to mend; please let it be.
I pray that Daddy isn’t standing outside heaven’s pearly gates.
Jesus give me new eyes to see the roses and smell the fragrance of Mommy’s
perfume in the glass bottle that patiently waits.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 4-20-2003
All Rights Reserved.

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