I Will Stand

I have been carried through many horrific battles.
I have mirrored through many dying soldiers eyes.
I have been torn and tattered and burned.
I have kissed many American skies.

My colors will never be taken away.
For I was made every stitch with love.
My stars and stripes will always remain.
An inspiration to True Americans who see me flying above.

No man can take me out of the minds of our prisoners.
No court can remove me from the hearts of freedoms vast call.
No other God will ever replace me.
No other nation will ever possess me no matter what befalls.

For I belong to the People of the United States of America.
I have waved over this nation for decades and I’ve stood free and tall.
Every man, woman, girl and boy can salute me and be proud.
I’ve defended you one and all.

I am the Red, the White, and the Blue.
I fight for freedom everyday just for you.
Look at me and remember!
What will you do with me, the Red the White and the Blue?

I am the flag that still stands for freedom.
I am the cloth sewn by blessed hands.
I am the colors that other nations fear, yet depend on
I am the American Flag, and I will protect my sovereign lands.

Sybil Shearin 6-2002 (c)
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