I Felt An Angel’s Touch Today!

The sun was no longer shining
The clouds had turned to gray
Tears ponded in my eyes
For my darling had gone away.

My heart cried out in pain
As I sat in deep despair
How could I love again
For love was no longer there.

Then I felt a tender touch
A soft kiss upon my face
An angel stood beside me
With wings surrounding in soft embrace.

He knew my heart was broken
For I felt a tear fall upon my hand.
How could a mighty angel
Begin to understand?

I sat in silence
Wondering how I could ever go on
When I felt the touch again.
Yet him I could not look upon

I felt his presence all around me.
He whispered soft and low.
“I’ll watch over you forever
And I’ll never let you go!”

Yes I felt an angel’s touch one day
And many days since then
I can now tell you my dear one
Angel’s carry me again and again.

Written by Sybil Shearin
Carried by an Angel
Bought by The Son!

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