I Believe In Miracles

She stood there watching
As the old man hobbled along
She wondered why he was humming a song.
Picking up her pace she walked by his side
Her eyes sparkled as she tried hard not to collide.
“Why are you old and wrinkled”, she said?
“You look like my grandpa but I think he’s dead.”
The old man stopped and tipped his hat.
“Oh! This ole man is a desert rat.
I spent many a day out in the blistering sun
And life for you my dear one has just begun.
I’ll not be lingering much longer here
He said” trying hard to disguise his sudden tear.
“Where are you going and can I go along?
I’ll be a good girl and I won’t do anything wrong.”
“Oh I’m sure you wouldn’t cause you’re an angel to me.
But I’ll be going to a place where wrinkles will never be.
You have many seeds to sow here my little child.
Yep, these ole feet have walked many a mile!”
She reached out for she wanted to just touch his hand.
There was something unusual about this man.
As her little hand grasp the ole man’s withered skin
He was quickly whisk away in a whirling wind.
All that was left for her to see
Was the cane he left engraved perfectly
Picking up the cane her eyes could read
The words inscribed “Jesus of Galilee!”

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 10-31-2004
All Rights Reserved
Following The Son!

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