I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary!

My head was nestled on my soft clean pillow
Sleep was nearing in clouds of calm white billows
My spirit was taken to a country hot and dry.
My feet felt the heat beneath me in the blink of an eye.
My eyes lifted to see three crosses standing high
My ears heard the bitter sobs and a broken-hearted mother’s cry.
Three bodies hung but only the one in the middle wore a thorny crown.
Hand and feet of all were brutally nailed down.
Then I heard the one in the middle say words so precise.
“Today you will be with me in paradise!”
I watched as this man hung and His blood dripped upon the hot sand.
Then His eyes fixed upon me and I knew He was from the Holy Land.
His people had betrayed His word and His love.
The sun refused to shine as His spirit left for the heaven’s above.
“It is Finished!” He called out in His final breath.
Then His fleshly body succumbed to an earthly death.
My eyes opened to see an angel standing there.
His eyes were closed and tears dripped unaware
That I knew he had just witnessed calvary one more time.
I was humbled and my heart cut by the vision so sublime.
I felt as if my very soul had been ripped from me.
Yes, I have seen Jesus and the hill called Mount Calvary!
My soul weeps for the price He had to pay for me.
For I am wretched and deserve hell for all eternity.
I thank You Lord for taking my place on that cross.
My love for You grows knowing I will never suffer loss.
Yes! I have seen Jesus and the hill called Mount Calvary!
His birth and death was ordained by God to deliver you and me!
Christmas is the season we celebrate His birth people say.
If you don’t know Him as Savior I pray you will meet Him this Christmas Day!
What a gift to behold!
What a gift of perfect gold!

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 12-2004
All Rights Reserved.
Christmas with The Son!

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