Holding My Amazing Love

The darkness surrounds as our two souls meet.
Promises we made long ago and vowed to keep
Are still as fresh as the dew on your lips.
A hopeless romantic are you even to your fingertips.

The touch of your gentle hand warm against my face
Tender are you yet with a masculine grace.
Soft music playing our favorite love songs,
our souls are forever just where they belong.

A special dream are you asleep or awake.
After all this time you make this heart still ache.
I feel your presence whereever I roam.
It’s always calls beckoning me to come back home.

Your eyes how they sparkle, your whispers so sweet,
And after all these years, you still sweep me off my feet.
Kisses as warm as the suns first rays,
Sealed by God’s hand, our love still stays.

More precious than silver and more treasured than gold,
You are mine forever to hold.
White as snow and pretty as the little dove,
My heart is still holding my amazing love!

Sybil Shearin (c) 7-2002

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