Heaven or Hell?

Do you know where you will go when you die?
There are only two places for God said with a sigh.
There is hell with a lake of fire and heaven with its mansions in the sky.
Which one would you rather have with the last breath leaves and you die?

Angels come to take your soul and in a flash you’re gone.
Everyone has to choose if you want to be around God’s throne.
If you don’t choose Jesus it’s hell I fear for you.
You will be tortured endlessly by the devil and his crew.

There is only one name that can save you so listen well my friend.
There is only one name that can forgive you from all your lifelong sin.
His name is Jesus, and He alone can set you free.
He suffered at the hands of man and hung upon a tree.

He gave His life that all might live in heaven when they die.
So think my friend where you will go when the angels come from the sky.
There is power in His name and you still have time to choose.
Don’t be like Hitler for you will forever lose.

Just say this little simple prayer and ask Jesus to come into your heart.
Father please forgive me and give me a brand new start.
I invite the Holy Spirit to come and live with me.
I thank You Jesus for shedding Your blood to set me free.

People think salvation is very hard to get.
But Jesus made it so simple a little child could not forget.
Jesus come into my heart and save this sin sick soul.
Take me when I die to walk on those streets of gold.

Sybil Shearin
copyright 2-07

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