He Was Nailed To The Cross For Me!

Have you ever thought about giving one love.
Perhaps a daughter or a son to save another?
Can you imagine how you would feel watching?
Your precious child hanging bleeding,above.

How much love would it take?
Could you stand and watch the tears falling?
You have no idea how many souls are at stake.
Your heart would reak and bursting, stalling.

Yet we have a Father who loves us so much.
He gave His precious Son to pay for our sins.
Don’t you know He wanted to reach and touch
Jesus, his son and declare that Jesus wins.

Think about the awesome price that was paid.
To get to God, His Son Jesus we must accept.
Our sins are forgiven and the plan is made.
Accept Jesus as Savior and be forever kept.

Sybil Shearin (c) 2002

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