He Is Walking Still

He heard the screams crying “Crucify him!”
Yet He loved all of them.
He created these people yet they had hate in their eyes.
Why did they not take the time to recognize?
His heart was broken and He could barely talk.
Yet Jesus loved me and He still walked.

He walked alone carrying His cross to Calvary
While the soldiers pressed the thorns into His head and He could not see.
He looked at Judas and His heart broke into.
Thirty pieces of silver was the price paid in crimson hue.
He heard their voices and their mocks
Still He continued for me to walk.

His eyes looked to heaven as the hammer drove the spikes.
His cries echoed forever into the still cold nights.
They stripped His clothes and fought for them
Yet they didn’t notice the power in just the hem.
He cried yet never once did He balk
Still He continued on His walk

As He Hung on that cross, dying for mankinds sins
His eyes searched the crowds for just one of His loving friends
He could have called ten thousand angels to destroy the world and set Him
But He died alone, for you and me.
Tho His body hung there beaten and mocked
Still His Spirit continued for me to walk.

When I’m lonely and feel depressed
When my friends all hurt me and leave me like the rest
When the pain is too much and I cannot find my way.
When I think about Jesus and the price He had to pay.
I am so glad He didn’t stop to talk
Jesus I just want to thank You for continuing on my Salvation’s Walk!

When I see a child dying and I am helpless to give
When I see tears falling because of the way I’ve lived.
When my heart beats it last beat
And my spirit and soul leaves this body of decaying meat.
When my mind goes back to Calvary’s dark hill.
I’m thankful Jesus is for me Walking Still.

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved

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