He Is The Perfect Key

There are doors we seldom open
There are dungeons too dark and damp
There are closets we hide our secrets in
But in none of these doors burns a candle or lamp.

There are doors to worldly pleasures
There are doors to riches and fame.
Which door do you have open
Which door bears your name?

Some doors need to be closed tightly
Some need the power of God above.
Some doors need to be opened wide
So the Holy Spirit can fill them with God’s love.

Some doors are locked so no one can enter.
They are filled with evil and lust.
There is one man who holds the master key
And He made you out of the earths dust.

So don’t think your door is locked safely
And no one can see inside.
For the Master holds the key that fits every single door.
And not one door from Him can you ever hide.

Jesus is the perfect key that can open any door.
He can send the demons flying with just one simple word.
He can fill it with His presence and the Holy Spirit will descend.
Jesus is the perfect key and His name is above all others heard.

Let Him open up your doors
Let Him come and reign inside.
You will never be disappointed
When you have Jesus for your guide!

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved.

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