Grant Them Their Wishes Lord

Lord why did you give me feelings when they only make me hurt.
Because of these feelings, I have to always be on guard; always staying alert.
I can’t let my feelings show lest people think I’m weak.
Help me Lord to remember to always turn the other cheek.

Take away these feelings of hurt and pain.
Replace them with peace, love and joy once again.
Give me the grace to forgive those who take pride in selfishly hurting me.
Let them be first, grant them their wishes and I’ll wait till last is my plea.

Help me to stand taller as I walk from day to day.
Remind me that I am accountable for every single word that I say.
Teach me to be giving but be gentle with me Lord.
I don’t want to get to heaven and not have one single little reward.

Grant my enemies all their selfish wishes.
I am a fisher of men so I’ll just be happy with all the little fishes.
Let my net be heavy and give me the strength to pull it in.
When I stand before You I hope to hear You say “Sybil, I Think You Win!”

So Lord hear my cry and bless Your children from sea to shining sea.
And Lord when You are passing out blessings, please don’t forget about me.
Let revival start in America and let it flow from the mountains down to the sea.
Let Your fire still fall from heaven and let the revival start with me.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 10-2003
Fishing with The Son!

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