Granny’s Hands

I was just a little baby only weeks I think
Mommy had to work and I stayed with Granny.
She rocked and sang and gave her special wink
With Mom gone, she made the perfect Nanny.

She taught me how to eat with a spoon.
Told me how the cow jumped over the moon.
She hummed and worked, singing a little tune.
I watched her wishing I’d be like her soon.

The months and years just hurried by.
We watched the baby bluebirds learn to fly.
She told me stories and always told me why.
I wondered what I’d do, if Granny ever died.

She had such little hands you see.
Rings on each finger and perfume on too.
Two loving people were we.
Thanks Granny I want to say I still love you.

Written by Sybil Shearin (c) 2002
Dedicated to Kimberly Nichole Shearin

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