Granny’s Book

Granny always told me not to be afraid.
She said God would take care of me forever.
Sometimes though I feel a little betrayed.
I still listen to her sweet words however.

At night I see dark shadows in my room.
They move around and I hear noises too.
Sometimes I can almost see a witches broom.
But I’ll close my eyes as tight as glue.

Granny has a big book she reads at night.
She said it takes all the scary things away.
If I had that book I’d hold it really tight.
I’d keep it close till night turns to day.

When I grow up and I have a baby sweet.
I’ll put Grannies Bible near my baby’s bed.
I’ll sing love songs and rock’em to sleep.
And tell them all the things Granny said!

Sybil Shearin (c) 2002

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