God’s Air Force

Have you ever wondered about God’s Great Air Force?
The Legion of Angels and the Great White Stallion Horse?
Have you ever thought about looking into the spiritual realm
With special eyes that were given only by Him?

Have you ever thought about the heavenly war going on now?
Do you realize how awesome God’s angel’s are and envisioned their power?
Do you think of angels with swords and giant wide spread wings?
Angels who are God’s messengers among many other things.

If our eyes were opened and the veil pulled back for us to see.
The heavens would be filled with angelic beings in all their majesty.
We walk along not seeing the ones guarding us each day.
We don’t even mention them when we kneel down at night to pray.

God loves us so much He has a special Air Force always on high alert.
In the twinkling of an eye an enemy one angel will divert.
Regardless of the path we take or the darkness along the way.
God sends His Air Force to follow and lighten our path each day.

If God has an Air Force I’m sure He has Marines
A Powerful Army of Angels with strong and mighty wings.
When our ships sail over troubled waters and we cannot see
He has a band of Angels He might just call His Great Navy!

So even if Satan comes against us like a mighty rushing wind.
God’s Special Forces are on alert and them He instantly does send
Just be sure YOU are one of God’s children and YOUR name is in His book
For if your name is not in there, God’s Air Force for you will not look!

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 9-2004
All Rights Reserved
A Salute to the Son!
May be used with permission

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