From Darkness to Light

Miners in Pennsylvania worked a daily task,
A job most men would refuse when asked,
A job working deep underneath the earth
Providing our country with coal, a black rock of worth.

Deep down inside the earths crust
Men worked together each carrying anothers trust.
Days and weeks went by without a hitch.
They didn’t know their lives would soon be held captives in darkness as black as pitch.

It happened quickly, previous plans had not been precise.
The earth was collapsing leaving them as a living sacrifice.
They were trapped deep inside the earth in water so cold.
No light could be seen not one ray to behold.

Days passed and men worked around the clock,
Drilling through hard limestone rock.
Tapping on pipes sending signals of hope
Praying co-workers would just tie a knot in life’s rope.

Drills broke as they cut thru the hard limestone
While other responders rigged up a line for a telephone.
Air pipes were opened to give these heros fresh air.
Workers came from everywhere.

At last the thirty inch pipe was in place.
Nine hungry wet miners felt the warth of families embrace.
One by one they were counted until the last number was nine.
All the coal miners were freed from the grip of the mine.

Can you imagine the terror inside that cold dark mine?
Could you imagine life without any sunshine?
Could you have held out for days in the dark deep earth?
Do you appreciate these men and their worth?

Well here is one American true.
I still stand for the Red, White, and Blue.
Thank you coal miners for winning the fight.
I thank God for returning you from darkness back into the light.

Written by Sybil Shearin 7-2002
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