From A Bethlehem Star

Thousands of years ago He flung us into the heavens blue
We watched over all the earth and what other things He would do.
I didn’t know  but I was placed over Bethlehem for a special event
The world did not know that a Savior would be sent.
So I waited and I waited for this special day to come.
I wondered every day if this person or that person was the one.
I saw them coming from afar that cool brisk night.
I tried very hard to provide them with warmth and light.
It was my job to do so and I was pleased to be the star.
I came ever closer to welcome this family from afar.
I watched as they were turned away
I watched a mother give birth upon the hay.
Yes I saw the Savior God sent to save people from every nation and kind.
Minds would change now and souls would not be left behind.
Oh what a night for this star over Bethlehem to shine.
Oh what a treasure God mercifully sent to redeem mankind!
Written by Sybil Shearin

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