Falling In Love With You

I think its love and I’m quite sure,
Because I’ve felt this way once before.
There’s something about you no other wins.
These feelings for you stem from deep within.

You are like no other I have ever met.
I know without a doubt my heart is set.
You are so loving and always tender and kind.
Looking into your eyes, what an awesome find.

You go out of your way to always be there.
Together we’d have made a wonderous pair.
It’s all like a dream, can you still be real?
There’s no way to describe just how I feel.

Your eyes captured me, I can’t look away.
The picture etched in my mind always stays.
These amazing feelings I’m going through
Many years later, I’m still in love with you.

Sybil Shearin

Copyright ©2002 Sybil

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