Satan The Local Drug Dealer

There was once the most beautiful of all angels in heaven so rare.
No other angel’s beauty could begin to compare.
Then all the spirits of darkness came into him to stay.
They are still living within him even to this day.
God in His mighty wisdom cast Satan out and great was his fall.
He took one third of the angels with him for he would be god of them all.
Decades have past and he continues to deceive.
He began in a beautiful garden to a woman whose name was Eve.
There is nothing on earth or heaven above that can match the deception of this one fallen creature.
He comes uninvited into your life acting as a godly teacher.
Yet in his heart his plan is to steal, destroy and to kill.
Lost souls in hell scream asking for one last chance and freedom of will.
Today he walks in the shadows watching every step you take.
He waits for years just for that moment you make a mistake
Then he grabs your soul and binds it keeping you as his prize.
He has no truth and his words are only lies.
He offers to give you freely cocaine, heroine, nicotine, and beer.
He uses these tools to create deception and fear
Once you are addicted he takes your soul and everything you have
He leaves you broken, sick and in despair.
However let me tell you of a man who can set you free.
He died for your sins on a hill called Calvary.
You cannot fight Satan alone
But the fight can be won by Jesus who still sits on his throne.
Don’t go from clinic to clinic depleting your families wealth
Don’t let guilt and depression keep you in darkness destroying your bodies health.
Call upon Jesus the one who can break the chains and set you free.
One drop of His blood paid the price for you and me.
Cry out to Jesus asking for deliverance and freedom from harm.
Tomorrow could be to late when the needle enters your arm.
Satan is still the master drug dealer and deceiver of all.
Oh but let me tell you about Jesus for He is the only deliverer and He is listening for your call.
Written by Sybil Shearin
Copyrighted 3-2016
Can be given to anyone in need.

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