Down On My Knees

When I lay my head down and as sleep is about to come.

I think about my life and how the world once begun.

I ask myself who is this man who can keep my heart beating so?

I must tell you I want to meet Him when I leave this earth below.

I know He has the hands of a potter with awesome skill.

Then my hands become moist and upon my knees I kneel.

Who could take a lump of dusty clay and make a perfect child?

It is He who heals the broken and to the children gives a smile.

Oh I know He hears my prayers for He promised He would.

It has to be Jesus for only Jesus could.

He told me to ask and He would not give me a stone.

He promised never to leave me, no never to leave me alone.

Then I lay this tired body down and I close these weary eyes.

I pray one day when they open, I’ll be walking through the skies.

Then sleep will not keep me and I’ll welcome my new home

And I’ll praise my sweet Jesus until eternity is past and gone.

Upon my knees I bow before Him.

Down on my knees will I stay

He knows just where to find me

When I have lost my way.

I surrender only to Him and on Him only will I depend.

For I know without a doubt,

He is this fisherman’s best friend.

Written by Sybil Shearin

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