Deception Burns!

The sound of footsteps can be heard down the long darkened hall.
Screams of devilish laughter reek to souls who missed the call.
Darkness as thick as midnight fills every cranny and nook.
Bodies of the departed hang like fresh meat on a sharpened hook.
Smells of burning flesh penetrate every cell.
This is Ghenna the place of the trash and a real living hell?
This is the vision given so human eyes can see.
This is the place where created souls will never be set free.
All the chances were given and the unsaved are here to stay.
Tongues of fire leap from a lake that’s cinders burns both night and day.
It is the beginning of eternity and these souls will forever with Lucifer stay.
Sores with blood and yellow pus run like rivers from each mutilated form.
This is just the beginning of the everlasting hellish storm.
Love and happiness vanish like a sudden but fleeting thought.
Hate, pain and torture inprison bodies Satan has deceptively caught.
Tis a place that does not exist, just a story kept in print.
Like so many pretty verses calling evil ones to repent.
Minds filled with sex and lust now howl in morbid despair.
Drugs and alcohol simply laugh for they have no mercy or care.
The only keeper of this abyss is Lucifer the fallen one.
His deception still keeps whispering “Jesus is not God’s only Son!”.
Tomorrow will not be too late for your life has just begun.
Take all the time you want to!” He still whispers to every mother’s daughter and son.
There is no such place as a lake of fire.
So live your life to the fullest and don’t quinch even one lustful desire!
Sunday is just a dress up day to show off to the gents and ladies in the choir!”
Written by Sybil Shearin

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