Dancing With The Devil?

The drums are beating out a loud tribal sound
People are dancing and smoking pot round after round.
Bodies are touching and clothes are bare
Are they dancing with the devil and do not care?

Lights are turning from green, red and blue.
In the middle of the dance floor is a stripper for you.
Tattoo’s grin from bodies lustful lure
In this concert the drugs are the bodies cure.

Words from the songs cannot be heard.
The singer is high on coke and can’t remember the words.
He growls and laughs with his eyes glaring red.
I wonder if he knows dancing with the devil leads to his own death bed.

Are your children dancing with the devil and you don’t know.
Do you ask there names or care where they go?
Can you see the signs growing daily in their wear?
Dancing with the devil is a parents worst nightmare!

Did you buy them a car just like they wanted?
Did you buy expensive shoes and clothes that looked haunted?
You are the one who sets the example you know.
If you had to go by the fruits you now sow, would your soul go to heaven or in the fiery pits of hell would it glow?

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 6-2003
All Rights Reserved
Dancing with The Son!

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