Daddy’s Coins!

I had a wonderful daddy and I miss him so very much.
Sometimes in the night I still can feel his touch.
He loved me when I was bad and he loves me when I was good.
He loved me like the perfect daddy always should.

He brought me chewing gum and peanuts too.
I found all kinds of goodies I wonder if you know from who?
He always kept some coins in his pocket for a gift don’t you see?
Each day upon the table the coins would be waiting for me.

I sure do miss my daddy but I have a friend that does that too.
He loves me just like daddy did even when I am feeling blue.
And when I clean off his tables I find coins and I wonder whose?
So this poem is for Timothy for filling daddy’s big empty shoes.

Sybil Shearin
copyright 02-07

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